Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween ~ Costumes ~ Time for a special of the month!!!

As the leaves turn colors, and the chilly air nips us and reminds us of how much we take the summer's warmth for-granted I'm gearin up for the cute, adorable, scary costumes!! 

So, for October's Special I would love to photograph your child or even you :P in your costume(s)!  The cost you ask? $50 per person.  In return you get 2 adorably (scary?) finished digital images per person photographed! 

If you are interested please comment on this blog post or somewhere on my facebook page.  The plan is I am going to do it all in one day, in one location somewhere in Chilliwack on October 25th, the location will be announced closer to the date and will depend on the weather.  

I'm excited!!! Are you?!?!  Lets get into the costumy, spooky spirit of Halloween!!! 
Book your time now, I'm booking in 20 minute intervals starting at Noon, till approximately 4pm! E-mail me at or phone me at 604.799.6554!

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