Sunday, July 11, 2010

A back-story, and a few more Teasers,,,

About a year and a half-ago-ish my friend Chelsea and I were just kinda babbling about whatever and we got onto the topic of our single friends somehow - I then came up with this fabulously-amazing idea that perhaps her single friend and my single friend should be made into a match! From there we sang the song "Match-maker, match-maker, make me a match!" and did just that! We organized a BBQ at my house so it'd be more of a comfortable atmosphere for both Pat and Angela and let fate play it's roll. Quite obviously they hit it off and he proposed New Years Eve, 2010 and she said "Yes!" - It was sweet, romantic and a dream come true for them both! Now, finally, their wedding day has come and now they are on their Honeymoon in Mexico =)

From our family to theirs, Congratulations Pat and Angela and thank you for inviting me and asking me to capture this amazingly gorgeous day where you two became Husband and Wife!

Here are a few more teaser photographs =)

(Click on the images to see the bigger versions)
Wedding 2010 - FG (Teasers)-0460
Wedding 2010 - FG (Teasers)-0345
Wedding 2010 - FG (Teasers)-9578
Wedding 2010 - FG (Teasers)-0383
Wedding 2010 - FG (Teasers)-9351
Wedding 2010 - FG (Teasers)-9876
Wedding 2010 - FG (Teasers)-0010

Again, Pat & Angela Therrien! Congratulations!!!!!
~ Fawn

Teasers for Pat and Angela's Wedding!!!

It was a beautiful day today not only because the sun was shining, but because Pat and Angela became husband and wife!!! I had an absolute blast photographing their wedding and wanted to share at least a few with you before I go to bed (it's nearly 2am now lol), so for now, here's two!!! Yes, only two! More teasers to come tomorrow when I can hold my eyes open =)
Wedding 2010 - FG (Teasers)-9186
Wedding 2010 - FG (Teasers)-9117
(Click on the photographs to see a bigger image)
I hope you enjoyed the few I had to share and please visit back tomorrow for more peeks!!! =) Congratulations again to the Bride and Groom, Pat and Angela!!! I am so very VERY happy for you two!! =)

~ Fawn