Saturday, April 17, 2010

~Miss Shauna~ - Chilliwack Photographer

The other day my friend came over semi-made up from a photo session with The Beautiful Women Project she had won at the Woman's Show weeks prior (I say semi, because she'd taken some of the make-up off already, leaving her eyes and lips as Pam's masterpiece!). I felt compelled to pull out my camera for some photographic fun! =) I didn't do anything fancy, just used the natural light in my attic, the walls as my backdrops - with how absolutely stunning Shauna looked, I didn't need anything else! Afterward I did do some editing for the fun of it}. Here's some photographs I had the fun of shooting. Enjoy!

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  1. I would love to take this opportunity to graciously thank Mrs. Fawn Greaves for taking the extra time and attention to detail in photographing me. She is a truly up-and-coming talent here in Chilliwack and I certainly highly recommend her to anyone, not just family and friends!
    Her prices are very competitive, her angles and her editing expertise helps capture the most beautiful features of yours (as I am not considered to be a photogenic person by any means).
    Treat yourself to Fawns gifts as she will surely return the favor 3-fold.

    Thank you once again Fawn for an amazing session. I will be back again come the summer!