Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home Based LOVE

I was at a kids Christmas party with my kids a few days ago and just for the fun of it took pictures, I wasn't looking to sell, and even offered to take Santa pictures for a Mom or two.  Anyways, one of the ladies is in the midst of adopting two beautiful little girls and she just loved the pictures I took and asked if she could write about me and of course I didn't decline..  She posted a note on her facebook and this is what she wrote:

Home Based LOVE
Today at 8:43pm
I was at a kids Xmas Party and the girls had a blast.  Sitting so quietly was this woman holding a child.  Whom was taking shots of the whole event.  She would be smiling away then into action she went.  The camera in her hand seemed to come alive.  Later while chatting with her I found out a few things about this quiet lady.  That her love for taking pictures was a side line to her being a full time mom.  Later I had the pleasure of seeing her handy work via email.  Fawn is her name and I think she has a talent with children and getting that most perfect picture while having fun.  Check out her site.

I am so thrilled and proud :)  
(Here is one of many pictures I took that day)
Till next time, Happy Holidays & have a very Merry Christmas :)

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